We come to your house either once or twice a week and clean up your yard. We take all of the poop with us, so there is no smell left behind!

Animals, just like humans, need a safe and healthy environment to live in. Your pets, like to roll around in, and sometimes eat dog feces...YUCK! So, it's important to remove these harmful bacteria ridden land mines, which keeps our pets as happy and healthy as possible. Dog feces left unattended, can carry diseases such as: Parvo Virus, Salmonella, Round worms, Giardia, Coccidia, and Hookworms. Some of these diseases are harmful to humans as well as animals.

Kids are also at risk of of parasitic infection if exposed to an unsanitary dog poop in yard environment. When your children and dogs play  in the yard they become exposed to these conditions. So, if they rub their eyes or touch their mouth, they might become ill. Believe it or not, when children explore the backyard bare-footed, they can catch hookworms and whipworms. Once these pesky zoonotic diseases ( any disease related to animals that are transferable to humans) get in to your home, they can be difficult to remove. Luckily, Peety's Poop Patrol is the answer to this problem!!

Winter Policy

During the winter months, December through March, the work is much more labor intensive and time consuming. We may not be able to provide the normally schedule service. We provide service on a weather permitting basis.

During winter, we can encounter the following conditions:

*Very Recent Snowfall As little as 2 inches of recent snowfall can impair our ability to locate waste. We will try to reach as many customers as we can prior to a snow fall.

*Waste visible but frozen into hard snow and ice. We might find ourselves unable to remove all the waste at that time, but we will do our best.

*Mid-winter thaw. This occurrence is what we hope for all winter. We will work hard to remove any waste we missed on prior visits. 

My rates are One dog once  a week is $10 and $3 per additional dog. Initial cleanup fees vary depending on the condition of the yard.ere.